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CRM Consulting

Billpost is the leading direct mail fulfillment service provider specialized in direct DM marketing services and professional outsourcing services for the entire printing process from planning, printing, sealing, sending to managing customer database.

Providing services

Cross Media Marketing
The result of the marketing campaign can be maximized by combining channels that are appropriate for the target and offer, using a campaign strategy that makes the most of various customer contact channels, such as TM, e-mail, and mobile, besides DM.
Direct Mail Fulfillment
Outsourcing service for the entire process - from regular invoicing, various advices, and promotion DM to the planning, printing, sealing, and sending of various DMs (direct mails).
Data Management Services
Developing various templates for the diverse type DM, processing a large quantity of variable data; comprehensive solution, process, and specialist for the security of customer information.

Cross Media Marketing

The result of the marketing campaign can be maximized by combining channels that are appropriate for the target and offer, using a campaign strategy that makes the most of various customer contact channels, such as TM, e-mail, and mobile, besides DM.

Compared with existing TM and simple DM service, the web, e-mail, and mobile channel have innovative value that customer’s service costs can be minimized, and offer and contents can be personalized according to the characteristics of the customer, and customer response can be tacked in phases in real time. In addition, performance can be enhanced by mutually creating a synergy-effect, using marketing channels in a complex manner.

Billpost provides the multi-channel marketing campaign including the web, e-mail and SMS/MMS, and service process planning and implementation service, besides the traditional media such as TM and media, including the personalized DM.

Our Offerings

New channels like the web, e-mail, and SMS/MMS can not only give an effect of increased exposure by expanding the customer contact but also realize better campaign performance by mixing each channel strategically according to its contributing effect for each campaign model.

  • Planning and executing the multi-channel campaign process, and managing the process and history
  • Providing the IT infrastructure and operation capability for the interface among channels
  • Designing and executing the interaction process that is personalized by channel (e.g., web, e-mail, and mobile)
  • Impact analysis by channel
  • Analyzing and reporting the campaign result
  • Normalizing the customer database and cleansing the database
Important Benefits
  • Maximizing the rate of customer response to the service and total contribution to earnings
  • Supplementing traditional channels (e.g., DM, TM) and creating a manual synergy effect.
  • Improving the integrity and quality of the customer data

Direct Mail Fulfillment

Outsourcing services for the entire printing process for regular invoicing, various advices and promotion DMs. Billpost is processing the largest number of DMs in the country, based on the biggest DM processing infrastructure and largest number of expert in the industry. Billpost is the only DM partner who can accommodate various customer requirements, while securing quality and security without the limitation on the volume and time.

Our Offerings

The DM process is composed of Prepress, Printing, Packaging, Distribution and DB Cleansing.. Billpost can process the largest volume most accurately and quickly, by computerizing and automating a series of those processes using the largest scale facility in the country and

  1. Customer Data
  2. Prepress
  3. Printing
  4. Packaging
  5. Distribution
  6. End Customers
  7. DB Cleansing
  8. Customer Data
  • Individualized printing using the variable data printing method: Bill, report, promotion, etc.
  • Full-color printing specialized in small quantity batch production using the POD (Printing on Demand) method.
  • Automated packaging based on the bar code that is linked with the customer database: Kitting, inserting, addressing, and folding
  • Returning matter collection and customer data cleansing service
Important Benefits

Billpost provides the most reliable and quality DM service to leading companies in the finance, communication, public sector, manufacturing and distribution industry, based on the capability of handling large quantity and industry-leading technology and process.

  • Quality DM production and large volume processing using the advanced infrastructure and technology
  • Personalized DM according to the customer’s characteristics
  • Conducting cross media marketing using online media (web, e-mail, mobile)
  • Inspection, ordering, verification, and collaboration using the web-based portal that is linked with internal groupware
  • Quick and systematic mailing infrastructure (located inside of the mail center)
  • Complete security of the customer information using a through security system
Strategic Marketing DM

Various strategic products are provided that can maximize the customer’s marketing effect or reduce mailing expenses, beside existing general DM.
Optimal products are also provided that satisfy the customer’s strategy by composing various DM products, such as transpromo that provides personalized advertising using CRM, QR DM that can link various information, and catalogue DM that can reduce mailing expenses.

A DM marketing technique that provides customized information and advertising for each customer on the invoice using CRM.
Various personalized DMs (e.g., advertising mail) can be provided according to the user’s gender, age, and opportunity, using digital printing equipment.
The shopping information can be printed on the invoice sent to the customer, which reflects the receiving customer’s hobby and concern.
Transpromo offers more effective communication between customers and corporate and high ROI (return on investment).
A solution that can implement various services with the minimum operation of the user, using variable QR codes. Various types are supported, such as QR loan, QR coupon, and QR gyro. Billpost provides stable services by possessing a number of patents related to QR DM.
  • QR loan : A service that allows immediate loan with identification check only if the QR code is recognized, by generating a personalized QR code on the loan advice.
    The customer’s loan opportunity can increase as the loan channel is diversified, and the opportunity cost of the person in charge of loan can be reduced by securing a new channel.
  • QR coupon : A service that enables the user to select the paper coupon or mobile coupon, by changing the paper coupon or voucher to the mobile coupon.
    The paper coupon and mobile coupon can be selectively used, and the online and offline coupon can be managed in an integrated manner.
Location-based Direct Marketing
A target marketing service using the life information mail system of the Korea Post, which realizes low-cost and high-efficiency marking by sending the advertising DM using the database based on the geographic information or legal database refined by industry type.
This service can be used by both small business owners and conglomerate as a channel of mass advertising marketing for product advertising and introduction, and provides a high promotion effect with customized proposal by target customer.
In addition, a postal charge discount can be applied, which can save postal charges up to 50 ~ 60% compared with the general DM.
Location-based direct marketing is a service that various customers (e.g., car salesman, branch of the distribution company, insurance FC) can use for product advertising.
Catalogue DM
A postal service that sends the existing simple advice as a booklet by including the various advertising contents of the enterprise, which can be a marketing technique that can provide product information and various advertising at the same time.
Postal charges can be saved by applying the postal charge discount system of the Korea Post, and additional advertising effects can be expected by sending a booklet including the advertising content, instead of a simple advice (e.g., sealing). In addition, the customer marketing effect can be maximized as the DM is recognized as a “DM for me only”, because the variable database by customer is created double - for printing and integrated type.
Membership Card Delivery
A service that attaches a card on the variable form sheet for each customer and sends it to the customer. This service requires accurate matching between the form sheet and card.
Billpost provides accurate card delivery service without any error, using more than 50 skilled manual workers and advanced inspection scanners. Billpost provides quick and stable service based on experience in delivering various membership cards at home and abroad.

Data Management Services

Billpost develops various templates for the diverse type DM, processes a large quantity of variable data, provides a comprehensive solution for the security of customer information and an optimized specialized system for efficient customer business.

Security printing solution

A solution to prevent the leak of the customer information at source, which can occur in a series of processes to print the invoice and advice that includes the customer information.
This solution creates a spool file for printing that includes the customer data using the customer’s internal system, and sends the data to the printing outsourcing company after encryption.

Important Benefits
  • Strengthening customer data security by preventing the transfer of the customer’s raw data to the printing outsourcing company
  • Encrypting the sample/real work spool data and inspection file, and strengthening security by setting the deletion period.
  • Strengthening security by controlling the person in charge of printing in the outsourcing company, PC, and printing equipment.
  • Quick response to business by setting a security printing environment that is same with the customer company in the outsourcing company, and minimizing errors and working hours through internal standardization.
WPMS (web-based integrated postal matter management system)

A postal management system that can create, edit, and send a DM to the customer easily, conveniently, and efficiently from the user’s PC (anyone in the branch/main office), regardless of the sending volume, as the system is integrated with the customer’s computing network.

Important Benefits
  • Increasing business efficiency as the person in charge of customer management can send the DM quickly
  • Cost saving - one person in charge manages the entire DM business in an integrated manner
  • Increasing business satisfaction of the employees by performing customer management
  • Strengthening the integrated management of the customer information by linking with the customer’s internal system