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About Billpost

CEO Message

Chief Executive OfficerBongchae Ha
Chief Executive Officer Bongchae Ha

I’d like to welcome Billpost homepage visitors with my whole heart.

Billpost has been ranked number one in the domestic DM industry over the last 17 years after entering business in 2000 as an outsourcing company of the electronic mail system for the Ministry of Information and Communication.

Billpost is expanding total printing business through excellent partners to maximize customer satisfaction, and is making efforts to meet customers’ needs by providing digital service integrated with IT service in order to respond to a rapidly changing environment quickly.

There are so many specialized service providers that lead the DM and printing material industry in Korea.
However, there has been no service provider who thinks about business together with the customer, while playing a role of a partner equipped with a sufficient level of the IT capability.

Billpost gained insights by industry and the best IT capability in the country while running a business as a member of Metanet Group, a comprehensive business service group.

Billpost will endeavor to be born again as a marketing service company that provides the best value to customers by researching and considering customers’ business more, not to mention of becoming the most reliable printing service provider.

Thank you.